24th November 2018
One Day Workshop on “Introduction to EPA Stormwater Management Model (SWMM)”

Organised by: Young Engineers Section, IEM (Southern Branch)
Supported by: IEM (Southern Branch)

Date: 24th November 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: IEM (Southern Branch) Training Centre, Johor Bahru
Speaker: Mr. Chee Shai Choon

BEM approved CPD hours: 6.5
Ref. No. IEM18/SB/473/W


EPA’s Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) software is a popular open source software. It is used throughout the world for planning, analysis, and design related to stormwater runoff, combined and sanitary sewers, and other drainage systems in urban areas. There are many applications for drainage systems in non-urban areas as well.

SWMM is a dynamic hydrology-hydraulic water quality simulation model. It is used for single event or long-term (continuous) simulation of runoff quantity and quality from primarily urban areas. The runoff component operates on a collection of sub-catchment areas that receive precipitation and generate runoff and pollutant loads. The routing portion transports this runoff through a system of pipes, channels, storage/treatment devices, pumps, and regulators.

SWMM tracks the quantity and quality of runoff made within each sub-catchment. It tracks the flow rate, flow depth, and quality of water in each pipe and channel during a simulation period made up of multiple time steps. SWMM 5 has been extended to model the hydrologic performance of specific types of low impact development (LID) controls.

Another important about SWMM is that it is recommended by the Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia (MSMA) 2nd edition Chapter 2.3.4. There are many benefits to using the SWMM software. It is useful for users who desire a low cost solution to stormwater management modelling. It can also be used for any flood project study such as backwater effect and water profiles by time factor.

Biodata Speaker

Mr. Chee Shai Choon graduated with Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering from University Pertanian Malaysia in 1994. He leads a group of software developers in C & S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd which incorporated in year 2006. He has developed a core MSMA suite which covers most of Chapters in MSMA guideline 2nd edition. He is also the developer of the Infrastructure software for Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (myESCP), Earthworks (Zeon Earth), Urban Stormwater Design (xStorm, Storm+), water reticulation (xWater), drainage network (xDrain), sewerage network (xSewer) and Singapore Pub design software. One of his latest developed software is myESCP which is an erosion and sediment control plan software. During the developing civil engineering products, he has gained in-depth knowledge of the design process involved and would be able to share his knowledge and experience with participants.

He is also a civil engineer with good technical knowledge in engineering concepts. He has accumulated 21 years of his experience in field of IT and engineering design. Along with his involvement in IT, he had conducted a number of talks/training in various organisation like IEM, JOS in JPS Ampang and Wawasan Professional Training Centre in KL.

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