10th November 2018
Half-day Technical Visit to Industrialized Building System (IBS) Factory at Forest City, Gelang Patah


Date: 10th November 2018 (Saturday)
BEM approved CPD hours: 3.0
Ref. No. IEM18/SB/463/V


A robust Industrialized Building System (IBS) industry is being set up to support the Forest City development in Johor to ensure the Multi-Billion Ringgit project is completed faster while providing thousands of jobs for locals. Incorporating technology from Germany, Italy and China, the IBS facility would comprise of four factories that would be the biggest in the world when fully completed.

By introducing a well-developed design and construction concepts from Singapore and by cooperating with EBAWE of Germany and Eurofins of Italy, Forest City is developing a characterized IBS production system. It is more than a pre-fabricated component production factory. Instead, it is an industry innovation hub with excellent design mode, smart factory, digital logistics and a full informative industry chain. The IBS factory is the core development component of Forest City. Once completed within the next three to five years, the factory would have a total manufacturing area of 510,000 square meters making it the largest IBS factory in the world.

The presence of the factory would change the landscape of the construction industry in Johor with the modernisation of the construction technology. Johor needs these high-impact and high technology projects to reduce our reliance on unskilled labour while improving the number of skilled workers.

Forest City is a catalyst project. It will provide employment opportunities for up to 220,000 people. Other spillover impact from the massive development would be the potential investments and businesses that would be developed by foreign property buyers, most of whom would be high net-worth individuals, as well as the appreciating property prices in the surrounding area.

Objective of this Technical Visit is to get some insight on the set up, operation and production of IBS Factory at Forest City as well as knowledge sharing with our young and practicing engineers on the latest development of Forest City at Gelang Patah, Johor.

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