10 April 2021
Online Talk on “Building Information Modelling (ISO 19650 BIM Standard, Certification & Training)”


Date: Saturday, 10 April 2021
Time:9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.
Venue: ZOOM Application
Speaker: Mr. Wilson Ong, BSI Services Malaysia


BIM is now becoming the standard of the construction industry. In the construction and asset management industry, the use of a Building Information Model which is shared by partners is becoming more and more common. The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) requires organizations and individuals to change the way they work. The traditional roles within the supply chain and client organizations may need to be redefined to successfully implement the new processes and information management requirements of BIM. This approach offers multiple benefits including faster, safer and ultimately more efficient solutions for clients. It is relevant for the majority of organizations working in the architectural, engineering, construction and infrastructure sectors, whatever their size, as well as contractor’s clients who require their supply chain to use BIM processes and tools.

This webinar is suitable for anyone adopting BIM Implementation into their organization, their own work practices, or helping their clients or supply chains to adopt it. Construction and asset management professionals (project managers, asset managers, designers, constructors, manufacturers, maintenance contractors, information managers).

About Speaker

Mr. Wilson Ong was graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Master of Engineering and started off his career as a Process Engineer for four years in Manufacturing Industry and followed by another four years in the Standards and Certification industry. Based in the BSI Malaysia office, Mr. Wilson is responsible for driving regional Built Environment growth strategy and focusing on positioning BSI as the partner of choice for product conformity certification and compliance services for the Digital Construction Sector in Malaysia. As a certified BIM Level 2 professional, he is well verse with the standards and processes of the subject of Building Information Modelling. He also works closely with the British Standard department in Chiswick, London to obtain the latest news and information of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, such as Smart Cities, Internet of Things (IoT). With this, he plans to develop these best practices locally based on the successful implementation of other regions, by retrofitting local requirements to international standards. Having said that, he has a solid analytical knowledge about various complex processes, and in compliance and risk management.

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