23rd - 24th July 2021
Online Talk on “Fuels & Combustion in Steam Generator Burners”


Date: 23rd & 24th July 2021 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 10.30a.m. - 12.30p.m.
Venue: ZOOM Application
Speaker: Mr. Sanjay Jumde, Chartered Engineer (India)


Steam Generators are an essential part of most industrial and power utility plants. They are the source of transportable energy in the form of steam. Combustion of fuels in burners is the heart of that process and therefore deserves a great deal of knowledge-based attention and upkeep. A steam generator is typically a static equipment which means once built, the operation teams have no scope for change in its configuration or heating surface distribution. However, there is one dynamic component that offers a significant degree of adjustments to improve the reliability, efficiency, and economics of operation of the steam generating system. And that is the fuel combustion system.

About Speaker

Mr. Sanjay Jumde obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (India) in 1981. He started his career as a power plant commissioning & start-up engineer with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) – the all-under-one-roof giant that produces power plant equipment in India. In the field, he initially worked on Controls & Instrumentation of 210MW and 500MW boilers and eventually took charge of commissioning & start-up of the entire boiler system.

After more than 10 years, in 1991 he joined as Head of Commissioning Dept. of Thermax Babcock & Wilcox – a new JV between Thermax Ltd of India and Babcock & Wilcox Inc. of USA. After setting up their commissioning department from the scratch, he moved into troubleshooting and R&M of industrial and power utility boilers in India and the Asia Pacific. In that role he was responsible for identifying ailing boilers, conducting engineering studies, developing, and selling a techno-commercial solution to the customer and supporting the project execution until performance guarantee demonstration.

Among several such concept-to-commissioning R&M projects, he also worked on boilers in Malaysia’s O&G industry including PETRONAS which became his next career destination. He joined PETRONAS in 2006 and handled several ailing boilers for R&M improvement across PETRONAS plants in west and east Malaysia. PETRONAS has commended him on many occasions his contributions to troubleshooting of operating equipment and training of O&M engineers.

After putting in 11 years with PETRONAS he joined General Electric Power Business Division at KL in 2017. There he partook GE’s sales activities in developing Asia Pacific market by understanding prospective customers’ boundary conditions and advising them on best solutions from GE’s coal fired power plant product line-up.

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