25 MARCH 2023
Talk on “Advanced Air Purification System Which Utilizes Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-) to Achieve Superior IAQ”

Date: Saturday, 25 March 2023

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Holiday Villa Johor Bahru

Speaker: Mr. Wang Hong Boon, Panasonic Air-Conditioning Malaysia



In this seminar, Panasonic Air Conditioning Malaysia will be sharing its latest innovations for improvement on air quality and to solve various IAQ problems. The main focus of this seminar is Panasonic Advanced Air Purification system which utilizes Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-) to achieve superior IAQ. OH- can be found in nature and is known in the scientific community to have the properties to tackle various contaminants. However, due to its small quantity and short lifespan in nature, its potential as an air purifier cannot be realised. With the advancement of Nano-Technology, Panasonic is now able to generate these Nano- sized OH- radicals conveniently and in abundance in our rooms. Moreover, the lifespan of these radicals can now be extended to produce tangible effects. Based on the effects of these radicals, Panasonic is able to provide IAQ solutions for various challenges at residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Panasonic also provides complete IAQ solutions for the purification of supply air, circulated air and exhaust air. Panasonic is able to offer optimum combinations of air-conditioning, ventilation & air purification equipment, meeting various kinds of customer needs. With these unique combinations, Panasonic can provide solutions that can effectively: - Manage temperature control to ensure an ideal temperature is maintained - Improve air quality using Panasonic Hydroxyl radical-based Air Purification Technology

As of today, this air purification technology is incorporated in Panasonic Air-Conditioners and Air Purifiers – floor standing and portable & ceiling fans

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